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E6 Colour Slide Film Processing

E6 Colour Slide Film Processing

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Transform your E6 film into stunning slides that can be viewed, scanned, or printed for display. Our professional colour slide film processing service ensures that your memories are preserved in vibrant and true-to-life colours.

Whether you're a professional photographer or a hobbyist, our expert technicians will handle your film with care and precision to deliver exceptional results in fresh E6 developing chemistry.


- Professional E6 film processing and scanning across 35mm, 120 and more
- High-quality slide mounting
- Vibrant and true-to-life colours to reflect the scene you captured
- Expert technicians with years of experience in processing and developing E6 slide film 
- Options for scanning or printing slides so you can display your photography as you wish


- Preserve your memories in a timeless and visually stunning format: slide film is unbeatable!
- Share your slides with friends and family for a unique viewing experience
- Easily scan or print your slides for digital or physical display
- Trust in the expertise of our technicians to handle your slide film with care and precision

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Martin Dixon
Pristine Slides

Excellent service in every respect. Clearly the film had been handled very carefully at every stage of the processing. Many thanks.

Ian C
Quality Service

1st class E6 processing service, very pleased with my results particularly as one of the rolls was an older discontinued film.type.

Bea von der Haar
E6 Colour Slide Film

Received the Slide well packed in perfect condition within the time frame.
Happy with the resuts. Will use SilverPan again in the future.

John Gwyther
Ektachrome E6 processing

Efficient paying, processing and speedy return. Happy with result.

Armando Ribeiro
Personalised, reasonably priced and great turnaround...

I can only praise my experience with the service provided by SiverPan Film Lab.
I have used their E6 and C41 develop only options and I was met with an exceptionally friendly service both online and in person, very reasonably priced seen that it is all done manually and the level of care for the films processed there is evident and with great turnaround times to top it all.
Many thanks.