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Black & White Reversal / Slide Film Processing

Black & White Reversal / Slide Film Processing

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Film Sleeving
Scans or Prints Needed

Film processing for specialist black & white reversal (slide) films.

Please note we can process the following films ONLY:

Fomapan R100

Adox Scala 50 

Adox Scala 160

Rollei Superpan 200

Whether you're a professional photographer or a hobbyist, our expert technicians will handle your film with care and precision to deliver exceptional results.


- Professional film processing and scanning for 35mm and 120
- High-quality slide mounting
- Fine grain, with high dMax (guaranteed full black)
- Options for scanning or printing slides so you can display your photography as you wish


- Preserve your memories in a timeless and visually stunning format: slide film is unbeatable!
- Share your slides with friends and family for a unique viewing experience
- Easily scan or print your slides for digital or physical display
- Trust in the expertise of our technicians to handle your slide film with care and precision

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
David Allwood
Off beat developing and scanning

I was delighted with the results from my recent order with Silverpan. I sent them 4 rolls of medium format Kodak Vision3 250D which I purchased on spec from a supplier on the internet, and a roll of Fomapan R reversal B&W slide film.
Despite the unknown provenance of the Vision 3, the resulting dev and scan are superb. The Fomapan R dev and scan was also superb although I suspect that the Fomapan really needs to be rated at ISO 80 rather than ISO 100.
Communication throughout was excellent and the dropbox link for the scans was completely trouble free.
I would be very happy to recommend Silverpan and I shall certainly use their services in the future.

Duncan Shimmin
Best results from B&W ever.

Foma R was brilliant; Adox Scala also very good. Worth paying the extra for these

Jay Marchant
Amazing quality

The images are crystal clear and the scans are great quality. I highly reccomend it