About SilverPan

SilverPan Film Lab was started in May 2018 by Duncan Gammon, with the goal of providing an individual service for discerning film photographers.

SilverPan offers the maximum choice in processing and finishing options so that you can visualise your photography just as you'd like it!

Your Film; Your Way

5 years on and although the lab has thrived and grown, we continue to use small-scale automated and customisable processing machinery alongside a choice of scanning options. This includes the renowned Hasselblad Flextight X5 Scanner for pin-sharp high-resolution scans that retain the full character and nuance of analogue film.

All processing and scanning is done by hand, with individual attention to detail for each film and every frame; the process and results fully customisable to suit the look you are after for your photographs, and provided at a very competitive price.

So if you're after a customised and specialist film processing service from the experts in the field - head over to our processing page and try us out!

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